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Advertising agencies will be offered music composition for commercials, voice-overs, DVD and CD presentations, corporate video, narrative artist voices for any media projects, documentaries, radio or TV, voicemail messages or IVR type voices for cartoons or movies, flash presentations or any kind of multimedia presentations, e-learning and audio-books.

Artists and bands will be offered original songs, voice and instrumental recording, play orchestration, mastering and mixing, editing audio and video material.

Actors will be kindly invited to visit our studio, to give us a sample of their voice recording, as a demo in our archive of voices to be proposed in our future collaborations.

Art Music services

Art music has imposed on the internal and international musical field through an exceptional quality of the original musical composition. All the commands that arrived at the address of the studio had been faultlessly accomplished. Witnesses for this are the examples from the PORTFOLIO section.
The value of a movie or an advertising spot rises with 50% if it is accompanied by a good soundtrack. Whether it was about a jingle of 5-10 seconds or a commercial spot of 30 seconds or a long, 120 minutes movie, the team of compositors from Art Music has respected its deadlines and the high qualitative standard.
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Defining the final step before printing the album of new songs, audio mastering means adding more quality, accuracy and brilliance to any musical project. Audio mastering include: editing minor flaws – remove certain and unwanted noise from recordings (in live recordings – eg chairs noises, cough etc. during a concert of classical music); apply noise reduction to eliminate clicks, interruptions recording, noise produced by the power and whistles; changing and adjusting the stereo effect; adding ambience (reverb); audio equalization whole album (the balance between bass, mid and high frequences); optimize the sound volume; dynamic optimization and compression level; limiting the maximum level to -0.3 dB.
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The vocal messaging and welcoming robot packages are becoming more and more popular. The importance of a professional voice to welcome your clients at the phone and to show them the way in a directioning scenery is more and more often asked by several companies, even for internal phone networks.
The voice, the music and even the clearness of the voice at the phone-all these play an important role when one wants to construct the best possible image of a company in front of a client.
The production of professional phone announces – no matter their length and duration-is one of the newly obtained competences of the Art Music studio.
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Audio processing

Not as shining as musical hits, but still important for respect gained in this industry is audio processing.
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Video processing

Like the professional sound which has learnt to run, to spin and to rise in the universe created by the 5.1 systems, the image has been given new valencies through the animation and mixing techniques.
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What reccomends us

  • We create musical songs appropriate to the voice and personality of the artist
  • We use our intuition to capitalize special voice qualities of children and young people who want a career in music
  • We are prompt and dedicated to our clients
  • Flexibility in relation with our clients

Our skills

Original music composition and orchestration 100
Sound engineering: editing, mixing, digital mastering 90
Multimedia consulting 85
Musical teaching, training 100

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