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Are you looking for the right voice for your project?

Access our bank of “Voice casting” covering FOLLOWING categories:

  • voice over
  • dubbing animated films
  • radio spots
  • generic/jingles
  • audio production for cinema trailers
  • audio ads in shopping centers
  • narrative for ebook
  • audio documentary
  • voicemail
  • IVR
  • voices of famous artists

MVO 1 English
MVO 2 English
MVO 3 English
MVO 4 English
MVO 5 English
MVO 6 English
MVO 1 Deutsch
MVO 2 Deutsch
MVO 3 Deutsch
MVO 4 Deutsch
MVO 5 Deutsch
MVO 1 Francais
MVO 2 Francais
MVO 3 Francais
MVO 4 Francais
MVO 1a Romana
MVO 1b Romana
MVO 1c Romana
MVO 2 Romana
MVO 3 Romana
MVO 4a Romana
MVO 4b Romana
MVO 5 Romana
MVO 6 Romana
MVO 7 Romana
MVO 8 Romana
MVO 9 Romana
MVO 10 Romana
MVO 11 Romana
MVO 12 Romana
MVO 13 Romana
MVO 14 Romana
MVO 15 Romana
MVO 16 Romana
MVO 17 Romana
FVO 1 English
FVO 2 English
FVO 3 English
FVO 4 English
FVO 5 English
FVO 6 English
FVO 7 English
FVO 1 Deutsch
FVO 2 Deutsch
FVO 3 Deutsch
FVO 4 Deutsch
FVO 5 Deutsch
FVO 6 Deutsch
FVO 1 Francais
FVO 2 Francais
FVO 3 Francais
FVO 4 Francais
FVO 1 Romana
FVO 2 Romana
FVO 3a Romana
FVO 3b Romana
FVO 3c Romana
FVO 4 Romana
FVO 5a Romana
FVO 5b Romana
FVO 6 Romana
FVO 7 Romana
FVO 8a Romana
FVO 8b Romana
FVO 8c Romana
FVO 9 Romana
FVO 10 Romana
FVO 11 Romana
FVO 12 Romana
FVO 13 Romana
FVO 14 Romana
KVO 1a English
KVO 1b Romana
KVO 2 Romana
KVO 3 English
KVO 5 Romana
KVO 6 English
KVO 7 Romana
KVO 8 English
KVO 9 English
KVO 10 Romana
KVO 11 English
KVO 12 Romana
KVO 13 Romana
KVO 14 Romana
KVO 15 Romana
MVM 1 Romana
KVM 1 Romana
KVM 2 English
FVM 1 English
FVM 2 English
FVM 3 Francais
FVM 4 English
FVM 5 Romana
FVM 6 Romana
FVM 7 English

Do you want to join our voice database?

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    What recommends us

    • We create musical songs appropriate to the voice and personality of the artist
    • We use our intuition to capitalize special voice qualities of children and young people who want a career in music
    • We are prompt and dedicated to our clients
    • Flexibility in relation with our clients

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