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About Artmusic

It wasn’t a coincidence that Tornero (4th place at Eurovision contest 2006) has been born at Art Music. It wasn’t a coincidence either that “Watch out” movie’s soundtrack has been produced at Art Music, too. It isn’t a coicidence either that you have arrived to Art Music’s website.

Like any studio, we have hardware which is in accordance with the international standard demands: PRO TOOLS Pro Tools® (is the most advanced audio creation and production software), AVID MEDIA COMPOSER ADRENALINE for editing and post-processing video, VIRUS TI and KORG TRITON for music creation. We also have Fender guitars and Ibanez as well for any eventuality, but above all, we have an experienced team, capable of using these instruments at the potential they have been projected.

Art Music team has formed itself and gained its reputation in this industry under the wand – properly and figuratively speaking – of the manager of the studio, Eduard Carcota, graduate of the Bucharest Music Academy. We invite you to trust our professionalism. In 10 years of activity, we have signed the soundtrack of hundreds of advertising spots for TV or radio. We have composed and created music and sounds for long or short films. We invite you to analize their artisical quality in the following pages…

Meet our team

Madalina Carcota
Madalina Carcota
A graduate from the National University of Music in Bucharest, currently holding the soprano position within the Academic Choir of the George Enescu Philharmonic, Madalina has founded 3 years ago Art Music Canto Studio which prepares young voices to participate in contests for interpretation: Eurovision, xFactor, Voice of Romania. The classes of pop singing, classical, jazz, musical are supplemented with the diction and oratory, interpretation classes for all debut artists or artists who have already begun their career.
Follow Madalina professional activity concerts on the stage of George Enescu Festival, at the Athenaeum and the Palace Hall. Come to George Enescu Philharmonic performances!
Eduard Carcota
Eduard Carcota
A graduate of the National University of Music Bucharest, songwriter with a rich portfolio and award that certify his talent and originality in the music industry, Eduard can make a perfect sound product from every musical thought you would have in mind, with demonstrated skills in production and sound art featuring a fully equipped studio and optimized acoustic that has created a warm and friendly atmosphere where you are welcome to practice your musical talent.
Eduard was a member of the jury of Eurovision Romania, You can follow his work on YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook!

Art Music Studio

What reccomends us

  • We create musical songs appropriate to the voice and personality of the artist
  • We use our intuition to capitalize special voice qualities of children and young people who want a career in music
  • We are prompt and dedicated to our clients
  • Flexibility in relation with our clients


MICK DAVIS producer, screenwriter (9 1/2 Weeks) and director (“Modigliani”, “The Match”, “Eleventh Hour”etc )”
Mick Davis, Producer, screenwriter and director
“Working with Art Music was professional on every opportunity, both in making commercials records, movie editing and diction courses for staff training. Art Music proved good communication, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the beneficiary. In time the relationship was kept and when there is a new project, we still take in consideration Art Music. Good luck Art Music!”
Alice Vaja, Kaufland Romania S.C.S.
“Edi Circota managed to impress us at Publicis with his musical ear not just about the songs he creates, but especially when it came to complex briefs. Edi manages to understand faster, with us, “what do you mean “sound contemporary”, not too appear so modern, cold instruments and not many electronic instruments plus an english voice that sounds good and if possible in two or three days”. Romanian advertising style did not scared him, but motivated him. And we managed to produce absolutely memorable things together for big clients such as Nissan and Renault, to mention only those whose songs have been most requested on the internet in the last 3 years. With much love waiting for the next project together!”
Razvan Capanescu - Creativ Director, Publicis Romania
“Edi Carcota is that breed of professionals that you introduce to friends only. Otherwise he will become busy and you will miss the chance to work with him again. The Art Music studio will be crowded. That’s why you’ll start to ask yourself if it’s a good idea to answer when asked about a really good sound studio enhanced with a professional editing capability. Or about a studio who is keeping the pace with tight deadlines.
You instantly remember the good time spent there, as a client of Art Music studio and that feedback when you asked for a warmer semitone to better underline the qualities of the product you are working for. But not just warmer, faster too. Stretched with 10%… No! just 5%! Yes, like that, perfect!
All right, then: you will unveil the place or not when asked? You will send the man to the Art Music studio? You will teach him where to have the best soundtrack Romanian Lei can buy?
I don’t know about you and the places you work but I’m thinking twice before revealing Art Music to an unknown person. There is a chance in a couple of months the person to whom I had talked will overstretched all the guys in Art Music exactly prior to me. And my unique commercial will fail to be uniquely well and fast done.
That’s why I’m keeping Art Music Studio for special professionals like you and me. And I’m not petting you. It’s just an obvious observation. If you was not like I said would you ever read this to the end?”
Lucian Dobrovicescu, Film director and writer

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